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Micro-Credit Group in Africa I enjoyed the pros and cons presented about micro-finance and its effect in poor communities. I think the chapter does a great job going through a brief history of micro-finance and presenting the reader with statistical … Continue reading

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Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Predatory Lending

“Minority lending and the U.S. Subprime Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis” written by Hencock Lewis, does a great job analyzing Country level data about predatory lending techniques during the housing boom from 2004 to roughly 2007. Essentially, the article touches on the … Continue reading

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“Gordon Gekko” Continue reading

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Movie Analysis

Barbarians at the Gate is yet another movie that takes a shot at the greed present on Wall St. during the 1980’s. The movie, specifically, deals with the leveraged buyouts which became extremely popular during this decade. At the time … Continue reading

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Introduction a)      The question I am answering is: The housing crash of 2008 had an adverse effect on minority wealth creation in the United States. However this crash, along with a failing MBS market, leveled out housing prices across the … Continue reading

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The Economist – Education in South Africa

This is the article I read about Education in South Africa.

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This chapter presented a unique view and an analysis to schooling in poor countries. The article that I read in the Economist touched on the similar problems of schooling in South Africa. What I found interesting in the article I … Continue reading

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