A Bloggers World

I was first introduced to blogging about a year ago when a good friend of mine decided to start a company. My pre-conceived notions about blogging were undoubtably undone when I witnessed, firsthand, the real power of blogging. Through the use of his blog, he was able to gain exposure, grow his business organically, and create new ideas through his words and interactions with others. Blogging is completely unique to other forms of writing because of connection formed between the blogger and followers. Unlike the paper, scholarly articles, and the media bloggers get to interact with individuals who are generally interested in what they have to say on a more personal level. Searching the web, I found several economic blogs and depending on the size of the blog posts range from daily to weekly. What I found interesting about the sites that I read were their unfiltered nature. Blogs give writers the chance to really put their thoughts and ideas out there no matter how far off they seem! Although my experience with blogging is limited, I can see the importance of it in our ever increasing digital world and I am interested to learn more.

The blogs I followed:





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One Response to A Bloggers World

  1. ekfletch says:

    Wes, nice summary. Make sure to put actual links up so that someone can just click, and add the links to a sidebar so that they are accessible to others and you in the future.

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